Sunday, March 6, 2011

Creative Moment

I was stricken by a creative moment yesterday. It happens quite a bit actually but rarely do I act upon them. Yesterday was one of those ocassions where I headed my need to create something tangible. I create many intangibles, websites, logos and all that stuff that comes with working for a small marketing and design company.
My super cute suit bag.

Since we are a small company, we tend to work all the time. Yesterday I played hookie.
I have a commission project that a project for but the yarn I ordered for it still has not arrived. Th project is a felted knit purse. I went scouring thrift shops to find a sweater I could either take apart for yarn or another wool item that I could felt and sew. I found a couple possibilities but they were in the washer felting....slowly. My washer is much too gentle to shrink a lambs wool sweater in one try. Ugh!

So while I was waiting I decided to test out the sewing pattern on another felted piece. The jacket was originally a womens size 2x blazer. Now, it would likely fit a grade schooler.
The jacket minus the sleeves I just cut off.
Because of the small size of the felted jacket, I needed to adjust the size of the purse. The width was fine but it would need to be a shallower style. And I wanted to incorporate the pocket of the jacket.
I laid the pattern over the pocket and adjusted the height of the pattern to fit .
After cutting the front out I cut the back of the purse from the back of the jacket. I couldn't use the front because of the button holes. They had stayed full size despite the felting. Odd but felting is a crap shoot, you never know what you are going to get when you take it out of the dryer.
Really love the idea of the pocket. Nice and deep.
Then came the straps and lining. The fabric was a remnant from a pair pj's many years back.
The straps are fun and inspired by those paper chains I loved to make as a kid.
Buttonhole stitch to finish the top edge for fun.
Chain strap is really comfy.
Phone fits in pocket - it is deeper than shown.
Finished the front with cute felted rose and a few leaves. The closure is a button and a 'leaf' shaped tab.  The color is a bit off. It is a pretty brown/gray tweed.

Fun creative day and I definitely want to make more. So if you have any wool suits or suit sets, send them my way. I'm thinking I will give in to my creative juices more often this spring.

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