Thursday, February 17, 2011

I love hats

I love knitting hats. I start them from the brim and work up to the top. I start at the top and work my way down. And one of the best reasons is they are portable and quick. I make them for friends, family and myself.

I finished a couple more hats this week. One has been in my knitting bag for weeks as I contemplated how to finish the brim. It is a great knitted hat with ear flaps and the brim.I have tried different types of plastic for the brim with varying degrees of success. Some have lasted for awhile and other broke in the washing. Today I used a baseball cap brim to make the brim. Everybody gets those free hats that no one will ever wear. Since we had a few sitting around, I tried trimming one to use for the plastic insert in a knitted brim. It worked wonderfully. The hat is in shades of gray and the hat brim was black. I hate when the plastic shows through the holes in the yarn.

Now the hat is off to a ski trip in Colorado. Hope it has fun! I hope to see it in action. Hint, hint.

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