Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lace table runner

It has been awhile. But while I was "offline" I have been on a lace kick.
Right now it is a table runner with a leaf lace pattern. The lace pattern of a pair of socks from Knitty.

The yarn came from the local knitting store, Knitty Gritty. I picked it up after my doctor's appointment. The shop is in the 3-cities and i don't go down there that often. But the shop is really close to the doctor's office.

The yarn is a cotton with beautiful flecks. Granted it the wrong season, but the yarn looks like golden leaves. So I went searching for the perfect lace pattern.
Originally it was going to be a scarf but I forgot about blocking...yep it will add inches to the width.

So at the last doctor's appointment I picked up another skein of yarn.
The pattern of lace was made to work in the round but my table runner is knitted back and forth. I remembered the difference when I got a few rows...frogging I went.

Right now it is about halfway.

Not sure about whether I will add a border or not. Time will tell.

The purse is done!I finally sewed the lining and added the button. The lining is sooo cute. It is vintage material. I ended up with a box of material at an estate sale. I wanted the sewing machine, a girls can never have too many sewing machines.
So when I finished the purse, I went digging through it to find the perfect material.

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