Saturday, January 31, 2009

When an easy project is okay

I needed an easy no-brainer project. So I am knitting a basic garter stitch scarf with some great colored bouccle yarn. Knit one row, turn, knit your way back. The scarf is almost done. Why am I feeling guilty about having more than one project? I'm working on it so it isn't really a WIP.

So why do I feel guilty? I keep getting this feeling that I should be challenging myself, more gloves on double pointed needles. Or an enterlac scarf. Maybe finish those socks I started last year. I quit not because they were hard but because my gauge was not consistent. Who wants one sock bigger than the other? It really isn't that different if you block them. Maybe I should finish the last sock? I have already turned the heal...

I have the urge to make a pair of mittens to match that cute white fuzzy hat I designed. It was one of my hat patterns that just "happened" while playing with stitches.

Then there are all those great sweater patterns I want to knit while it is still cold. It would all be so much easier if the magazines would stop making feel like I should be preparing for spring...

I think I will start those fuzzy white mittens. Spring is not here yet!

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