Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving is for family

Thanksgiving is a time for family. Sometimes during the holidays you find a new "family member." That is sort of what happened last Saturday.

Last Saturday after a day of wine tasting with husband Brad and mother-in-law Diana, we stopped by Bern's Tavern. Granted I was sick and felt like crap but I knew this would be worth it.

For the last nine or ten years, Brad and I have thought that we had found his "lost aunt." Okay, maybe she wasn't lost...we just haven't had helped the rest of the family find her.

We met Linda years ago when started going to an old bar in Prosser called Bern's. Linda works there in the evenings and most weekends. Her nephew owns the bar. She also works at the local newspaper as a typesetter. I worked with her while I was the editor of the Grandview Herald. But I digress.

So we went into the tavern to "get a beer." It didn't matter that we had already stopped by Whistran Brewing to sample the chocolate stout. Yummy...and it comes with a chocolate truffle.

Back to the lost relative. The bar's entrance is a long and narrow. One side of the room is flanked by the old wooden bar. As you get towards the end of the bar their is a grill and fry baskets. A lady is flipping burgers and turns around. It's Linda and the look on Diana's face is priceless! Linda has short dark hair streaked with "salt", wire-rimmed glasses, and is about five feet tall. She is Diana's twin...from another mother of course. Yep, they are speechless.

As we sat down with our pitcher of beer, they are both trying to come to grips with their new found twin. And it isn't just the twins who are confused.As Diana and I are sitting at the bar waiting for the band to start, a tall man in a visor comes up behind Diana. He gives a great big hug and he starts telling "Aunt Linda" how well her nephew played in the state football playoffs. Yep. He's totally fooled until Diana finds her voice in time to tell him she isn't Linda. Me? I'm cracking up! So hard I am coughing! Too funny!

It turns out that they were both born the same year about six months apart. So that rules out adoption...too close in age.

Brad grabbed the camera after dancing with me and Diana. Yep they danced and they were having a great time. So here's the picture of Aunt Linda and Diana.

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