Saturday, November 15, 2008

Green sweater is almost done..

I finished the yellow sweater from Interweave. I added two large silver buttons that we found at Gramma Gray's. I wore it at BAM (Bellevue Art Museum) and it looked pretty good. It is one really, really warm sweater! It doesn't matter that it has short sleeves, it was toasty! I used heavier weight yarn than the pattern used so it is bulkier than the original. That made the sweater heavier as well as warmer. Still cute just not sure about the sleeve cuffs. I added a crocheted picot edging to the sleeves and bottom hem. Thinking about continuing the sleeves longer in the kimono style.

The pattern is "Flutter Sleeve" by Pam Allen. The original used a cotton, silk and nylon blend. I think I could've made a smaller size even though I swatched and matched the gauge. I think it needs less ease. All in all I learned a lot from making it and will wear it again.

I am almost done with the green sweater from Interweave. I am using the "Painted Silk" pattern by Connie Chang Chincio. Again using a warmer yarn, a wool cotton blend instead of the silk. I just need to finish the seaming and the neck ribbing. I really like how it is turning out. I am using a yarn from Jojoland called Bloom. The yarn is actually two strands of yarn twisted together. The base yarn is a apple green wool wrapped with a white and black cotton yarn. It gives it a tweedy look.

I think I will really like this one once it is completed.

Better finish the seaming so I can finish up the neckline. With the cold weather, this should be a nice weight of sweater to wear around.

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