Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weaving has taken over

I know the blog is called KnitSpotKnit but I have branched out and absolutely love weaving. I have been trying to weave everyday. It doesn't always happen but I try. I love the feeling of creating cloth. It is the same feeling I have when I knit.
I really love weaving rag rugs.
 I started a couple years ago on a loaned loom. A friend had a loom and knew I was interested in learning. So the loom came to the house and it was the beginning of my collection. I started with a long table runner. And when I saw long I mean really long...8 feet.
Here is a lovely soft Alpaca that will be a scarf.
 I have been lucky to have my own personal weaving coach, my mother-in-law. Without her I am not sure I could have warped the loom for the first time. Whenever I have a problem, I text or call out my SOS.

The scarf above is one of a series that are on the same warp yarn. I have been able to play with patterns and come out with several totally different scarves. I am in the process of finishing these up and will post a picture or two when I take them off the loom later today. Off to weave....

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