Sunday, January 18, 2009

Viruses for the holidays

Viruses struck me over the holidays. I got sick and so did my computer!

I used to think that virus software would keep you from getting a trojan. That thought went to the wayside along with the theory that Airbourne would keep me from getting sick. Neither proved true.

I got a terrible virus before Thanskgiving and didn't get better until almost Christmas.

The computer virus struck right before Christmas and it took days to make it go away.

I have always used Norton AntiVirus and did the live updates. So when I found that I had a virus (not from Norton but a freebie SpyBot.) When I contacted Norton, they were willing to make the virus go away, for $100.00!

Instead, I went to and downloaded instructions on how to clean it off the computer. I used Malwarebytes malware remover.

This was the only combination of software that removed the trojan. Others said they could but their claims were false.

So now I am back and more posts are on their way.

I finished the green sweater and some Christmas presents.

In my rush to get everything done and wrapped, I didn't take pictures of some items like Miranda's convertible mittens, so cute. Megan's purple hat...looked great on her and perfect color match for her snowboard outfit.

So look for the photos...I just need to get them off my camera.
Challenges. I can't find my battery charger and I can't get the pictures off without it working.


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Annie & Mark said...

Sorry about all of your viruses. Sounds like you had your hands full!! I can't wait to see the sweater you have been talking about it for what seems like forever! I will be sure to check back frequently for pics.